National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

The AAUW National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) is the premier conference for students to hone their leadership skills, make lifelong connections, and get ready to shape the world!

For more than 30 years, NCCWSL has provided a transformative experience for the next generation of leaders. Past attendees have gone on to lead nonprofits, innovate the corporate world, create disruptive technologies, and more — all while paying it forward for women and girls!

Join nearly 900 college and university women and campus professionals from all across the United States and from around the world in redefining leadership for all women.

The three-day conference includes

Originally hosted at American University, NCCWSL is now held at the University of Maryland, College Park. With its jam-packed and diverse agenda, NCCWSL aims to provide attendees with the skills and confidence they need to make change. At NCCWSL, attendees will

  • Develop and strengthen their leadership and professional aptitude through voice, skill set, and mind-set
  • Know how, why, and when to take action
  • Gain a better understanding of issues and policies affecting women and of AAUW’s role in empowering women
  • Own their personal identities and learn new ways to increase and support diverse voices